Master Instructor Michael Harper, founder of Genesis Taekwondo, is one of the few masters in the world who has trained directly under one of the original masters. The style taught at Genesis Taekwondo has been used to instruct the Korean ‘Demon Hunter’ Marines, the Australian Police Force Academies, Air Force bases, students at universities and colleges and members of the public.

The special unarmed combat methods taught within Genesis Taekwondo are the same as those used by the Marine Commandos, the elite Commandoes’ underwater demolition team, Marine Brigade Headquarters and Marine 2nd Infantry Divisions. Practitioners of this art have earned a reputation as the world’s most feared and courageous troops. Historically, they were easily recognised on the battle fields and were the most disciplined, daring and highly efficient elite of the armed forces.


Master Michael Harper taught martial arts throughout Australia from the 1980s until his master’s death 40 years later. Shortly before his master’s death, Master Michael Harper was told he would soon face his own master test. Within this test, he was told he must protect his classes and not allow any intruders to destroy the legacy he had worked so hard to preserve. Through great sacrifice, Master Michael Harper rebuilt the great school of Genesis Taekwondo and continued the legacy of his master.

This original master also faced this test after the second world war brought about the division of Korea. Before the war, he taught under his own master – a powerful general who was the original creator and master of Taekwondo in Korea. Unwilling to support the general’s defection, nor the westernisation of his art, he created his own school. This school moved throughout southeast Asia and left behind many thousands of schools all owing their success to the master.


Come and learn Genesis Taekwondo, no experience necessary. Gain fitness and flexibility, improve your focus. Have fun learning how to defend yourself.


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All beginners welcome, any age from 5 years, Genesis Taekwondo run classes through out the year including school holidays. Students can enroll at anytime; phone, email or just turn up to any center 15 minutes prior to start of class to organize free lessons.

Genesis Taekwondo

Information: All beginners welcome, any age from 5 years, Genesis Taekwondo runs classes...

Genesis Taekwondo

Information: All beginners welcome, any age from 5 years, Genesis Taekwondo runs classes...

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The art of Genesis Taekwondo is enriched with a long history dating prior to the first world war. The style of martial art we teach is based on ancient Korean teachings passed down to our master instructor from the original masters of Taekwondo. This ancient art has since saturated the world with taekwondo schools. At Genesis Taekwondo, our teachings are as close to its original form as possible. Genesis Taekwondo involves dynamic techniques of unarmed combat for self-defensive purposes, combining the skilled application of powerful punches, flying kicks, blocks, dodges and interceptions. Our practitioners use well trained hands, arms and feet to affect the rapid destruction of any attacker. The official founder of Genesis Taekwondo, Master Michael Harper, was trained by one of the original Masters of Taekwondo.